Meet the team at Plan B Plumbing

Plan B Plumbing Solutions is the Melbourne based Plumbing Company founded by husband and wife team Anthony and Emily Hunter. Starting the business in 2014, Anthony and Emily have seen their company go from strength to strength and they continue to grow.

Starting out as just two, in small home office, they now employ over 10 staff and operate the business from their own office in Oakleigh.

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They have come together to create this Melbourne plumbing business, combining expertise from across the board to deliver the results they do. Plan B Plumbing have proven themselves as leaders in the Melbourne plumbing industry.

Anthony has over 23 years’ experience in plumbing, setting himself up as an expert and industry leader in the plumbing field.

Emily has over 25 years of marketing and customer service experience, moving on from a corporate role into her current position as Operations Manager within Plan B.

The Team

While both Emily and Anthony have been working tirelessly to create this business, the team at Plan B Plumbing wouldn’t be complete without their hard-working group of plumbers attending to jobs across Melbourne.

Also part of the team are three Virtual Assistants, giving Emily & Anthony the opportunity to focus more on clients and less on admin.

The team are all about providing the best quality plumbing solutions and customer service, making sure your plumbing needs are met while also having a quick turnaround time that doesn’t compromise on quality.

The team work together seamlessly to create the results they do, and most importantly – they love what they do!

The Technology Difference

The Plan B Plumbing difference lies within their use of technology.

Using their bespoke project management app, each plumber is equipped with an iPad when they set out to inspect, investigate and resolve the plumbing problem.

With a mix of expertise on their end, and the effectiveness of the app, the plumbers are able to generate a report with all their findings straight back to the office fast and efficiently.

This has changed the game for their clients within the insurance industry, making their report turnaround time of 24 hours well above industry standard.

Plan B Plumbing uses state of the art and non-invasive technology to detect leaks and plumbing issues, such as the ‘Thermal Imaging Leak Detection’, which can greatly improve the time and ease of locating and fixing a problem.

Plan B Plumbing also uses technology such as drones, CCTV cameras, and gas & acoustic detection to assist with their job, proving once again they are experts within their industry.

We asked this husband and wife plumbing duo how they make it work?  Their answer  … “Laughter, tears, coffee and red wine”.

Looking for a plumber for your next project? Plan B Plumbing Solutions can help you with all your plumbing needs.

Their team can assist you with all your enquiries, your next big plumbing project or if you need a plumber right away. Their equipment and expertise will make sure your job is completed to your satisfaction.

Contact them to chat with one of their friendly team members and get a quote today 1300 075 262.

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