Why You Should Get A Professional Roof Inspection

Professional roof inspections are important

The condition of your roof isn’t always easy to gauge just by looking at it. In order to determine what could potentially be a more serious problem, arranging a professional roof inspection is a must.

By identifying common roof problems before they start, you can save yourself a lot of trouble – and some hefty roof repair costs – down the line.

7 common problems that could turn costly

1. Missing, dislodged or slipped tiles

Even if the opening is small, a missing or dislodged roof tile (or two, or ten!) could lead to some pretty serious water damage in your home if not replaced before the next rainfall.

Roof tiles can slip or become dislodged for a number of reasons. Common causes include strong winds, heavy rains, poor workmanship or general foot traffic from tradesmen who may have been up there to install aircon units or do other maintenance work.

2. Drooping or sagging

When your roof is weakened, whether by water damage, structural damage, poor ventilation or the use of heavy tiles, it can start to droop and sag.

If nothing is done to fix this problem, your roof’s sagging could become a dangerous hazard and result in an unexpected collapse.

3. Blocked gutters

Blocked gutters can come about for all sorts of reasons, but they can usually be chalked up to one thing: debris.

Whether it’s leaves, dirt, rubbish or broken tiles, blocked gutters can be disastrous for your roof. To allow for proper drainage, clearing out the gutters is key.

4. Leaks

Roof tiles are cleverly designed to keep rain from coming inside, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be free from leaks in your home.

Leaks can be caused by many things, including rotting wood, mould or an exposed opening. A professional who specialises in leak detection will be able to identify the cause for you.

5. Moss or plant growth

While moss and plant growth can look pretty, neither are any good for the structural integrity of your roof.

Moss buildup can cause your roof’s tiles to weaken, deteriorating them over time and leading to constricted water flow and broken tiles.

6. Weathering or natural aging

All things age in time, and your roof is no different. Being exposed to the elements 24/7 can leave it looking a little worse for wear.

Porous tiles caused by weathering and natural aging could potentially allow water to leak through in places where it shouldn’t.

7. Storm damage

After a big storm, there could be damage to your roof that you don’t even know about.

Calling in a professional to take a look will ensure that any damage, including clogged gutters and broken or missing tiles, can be fixed as quickly as possible.

Make a regular professional roof inspection your priority

With a regular professional roof inspection, you can sleep (or work!) easy knowing that the roof above your head is structurally sound.

A professional roof inspector will be able to identify any potential problems and help you to stop any roofing complications before they start.

By maintaining the integrity of your roof, you can prevent any unexpected damage and spare yourself having to pay for any costly repairs.

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