Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing Repairs

General and Emergency Plumbing Repairs

Plan B Plumbing Solutions offer a wide range of general and emergency plumbing services. No matter what your plumbing issue, if you need a plumber to repair it, we can do it.

As Master Plumbers we are knowledgeable, reliable and provide quality service. We are skilled plumbers who are trained to install, repair, and maintain various types of plumbing systems and fixtures.

What General and Emergency Plumbing Repairs do we typically perform ?

  1. Install and maintain plumbing systems: Plan B Plumbing install and maintain various types of plumbing systems, such as water supply systems, drainage systems, and gas supply systems.
  2. Repair and replace pipes, fittings, and appliances: Plan B Plumbing repair and replace pipes, fittings, and appliances that are leaking, broken, or outdated.
  3. Inspect and diagnose plumbing problems: Plan B Plumbing inspect and diagnose plumbing problems, such as leaks, clogs, and backups, and determine the best course of action to fix the problem.
  4. Install and maintain fixtures: Plan B Plumbing install and maintain various types of fixtures, such as sinks, toilets, showers, and bathtubs.
  5. Install and maintain heating systems: Plan B Plumbing install and maintain various types of heating systems, such as boilers, heat pumps, and radiant heating systems.
  6. Install and maintain appliances: Plan B Plumbing install and maintain various types of appliances that use water, such as dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters.
  7. Provide maintenance and repair services: Plan B Plumbing provide regular maintenance and repair services to ensure that plumbing systems and fixtures are working properly and efficiently.
  8. Follow building codes and regulations:Plan B Plumbings are aware of and comply with local building codes and regulations to ensure that our work is safe and up to code.
We don’t charge a call out fee and quote set prices for our services, ensuring you don’t get stung at the end of a job. After all, we are plumbers, not bees (we love bees btw) !!

Talk to us today about how we can help you with your plumbing repair needs in Oakleigh South, Oakleigh, Oakleigh East, Chadstone, Glen Iris, Bentleigh, and surrounding areas in South East Melbourne.

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Storm Water and Sewer Drainage Repairs

Storm Water and Sewer Drainage Repairs

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How do I know if my drains need repair ?

Plan B Plumbing specialises in Sewer & Storm Water drainage repairs.

All defects located within your plumbing drainage systems can be repaired by our team of Licensed Plumbers.

Plan B Plumbing repairs cracked drains, blocked drains, broken or collapsed pipes, install stormwater pits and stormwater drainage to ensure that your homes drainage meets current Australian standards and codes.

We also provide Compliance Certificates for all works completed.

We use high-quality materials and do our best to ensure your landscaping is not disrupted, as well as making sure your property is left clean and tidy on completion.

We use non invasive CCTV Drain Inspection technology to effectively and efficiently identify the cause and extent of the damage to your drains.

Click here to view our most recent Storm Water Drainage Repair.

No matter how big or small the issue may be, we can provide you with a cost effective repair strategy to solve the problem. Contact Plan B Plumbing today for all your drainage repair needs.

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Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs

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How do I know if have a roof leak ?

The condition of your roof isn’t always easy to gauge just by looking at it. In order to determine what could potentially be a more serious problem, arranging a professional roof inspection is a must.

By identifying common roof problems before they start, you can save yourself a lot of trouble – and some hefty roof repair costs – down the line.

Roof inspections allow us to educate our customers so they understand their roof structure, its condition, and any immediate or potential problem areas and locate exactly where any damage may have occurred and repair strategies required to fix the issues.

Your roof is the first line of defence for your home and we often take roofs for granted, until there’s a roof leak of course.

Our skilled team specialises in the following repair services.

  • Detecting & repairing leaks
  • Penetrations, installations and repairs
  • Box gutters repairs and replacements
  • Flashings and cappings repairs and replacements
  • Gutter and roof cleaning
  • Wall cladding repairs and replacements
  • Fascia covers repairs and replacements
  • Rain heads/sumps installations

What are the common causes of roof leaks ?

1. Missing, dislodged or slipped tiles

Even if the opening is small, a missing or dislodged roof tile (or two, or ten!) could lead to some pretty serious water damage in your home if not replaced before the next rainfall.

Roof tiles can slip or become dislodged for a number of reasons. Common causes include strong winds, heavy rains, poor workmanship or general foot traffic from tradesmen who may have been up there to install aircon units or do other maintenance work.

A comprehensive roof inspection will enable you to determine exactly what’s going on.

2. Blocked gutters

Blocked gutters can come about for all sorts of reasons, but they can usually be chalked up to one thing, debris.

Whether it’s leaves, dirt, rubbish or broken tiles, blocked gutters can be disastrous for your roof.

To allow for proper drainage, clearing out the gutters is key.

A roof inspection will enable you to determine what needs to be done to stop the blocked gutters from re occurring.

3. Moss or plant growth

While moss and plant growth can look pretty, neither are any good for the structural integrity of your roof.

Moss buildup can cause your roof’s tiles to weaken, deteriorating them over time and leading to constricted water flow and broken tiles.

A roof inspection will enable you to determine how to best deal with this plant growth and eliminate so future issues are not encountered.

4. Weathering or natural aging

All things age in time, and your roof is no different. Being exposed to the elements 24/7 can leave it looking a little worse for wear.

Porous tiles caused by weathering and natural aging could potentially allow water to leak through in places where it shouldn’t.

A roof inspection will enable you to determine if the areas simply need resealing, or tiles may need replacing.

5. Storm damage

After a big storm, there could be damage to your roof that you don’t even know about. The first step is to contact your Insurance Company and lodge your claim.

Generally the insurance team will arrange a plumber to carry out a roof inspection to take a look will ensure that any damage, including clogged gutters and broken or missing tiles, can be fixed as quickly as possible.

Make a regular professional roof inspection your priority !

With a regular professional roof inspection, you can sleep (or work!) easy knowing that the roof above your head is structurally sound.

A professional roof inspector will be able to identify any potential problems and help you to stop any roofing complications before they start.

By maintaining the integrity of your roof, you can prevent any unexpected damage and spare yourself having to pay for any costly repairs.

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Emergency Plumbing Repairs

Emergency Plumbing Repairs

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Should I call a Plumber for an Emergency Plumbing Make Safe ?

Absolutely !

When disaster strikes in the form of storm damage, water leak, burst pipe, overflowing sink, bath or sewerage you need to act quickly in order to prevent further damage from occurring.

At Plan B Plumbing Solutions we provide the convenience and reliability of Emergency Make Safe service to our clients.

This service is carried out as a temporary emergency repair to a home in order to prevent any further damage from occurring.

Services Offered –

  • Tarpaulin – Roofs / Skylights
  • Sewage & Stormwater Repairs & Replacement
  • Roof Repairs & Replacement
  • Gutter/Spouting Repairs & Replacement
  • Downpipe Repairs and Replacement
  • Water Pipe Repairs

We have extensive experience with emergency make safes and understand the importance of clear communication and timely repairs.

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