Drone Roof Inspection

Technology has had a significant impact across a huge number of industries, and plumbing is definitely one of them. We use cutting edge technology – like drones – every day to help us get the job done.

When you think of a roof inspection, you probably picture a plumbing professional using a very tall ladder to climb up onto the roof.

While that is still very much the case in a lot of situations, we now also have a drone on hand to help us out when the roof is too high, too sloped or too dangerous to climb.

Why do you need a roof inspection?

Regular professional roof inspections are important because they will help you to better understand the integrity of your roof and whether or not it needs fixing, upgrading or retiling.

With a regular roof inspection, you will be able to prevent common roofing problems from turning costly, such as:

  • Leaks
  • Plant or moss growth
  • Blocked gutters
  • Drooping or sagging
  • Weathering or natural aging
  • Storm damage
  • Missing, dislodged or slipped tiles

Drones provide a safe roof inspection method

Using a drone during our routine roof inspections is safer for our team because they remain on the ground while the drone does the higher, more dangerous work.

Having a drone on hand also makes for a much more detailed analysis of roofs that are higher than three stories. With the help of a drone, no crooked corner or sloped section of the roof is too hard for us to reach.

Using high-quality video and imaging, our drone shares its live feed and recordings with the inspection team on the ground. It can also upload data directly to the Cloud so that nothing gets lost in the process.

Our inspection drone

Mr Drone is our in-house roof inspection drone. This techy addition to our team helps out the plumbing guys on the ground by flying up to those hard-to-reach areas and inspecting rooftops for damage or general wear and tear.

We bring Mr Drone along with us when properties above three stories need to have their roof inspected. Letting Mr Drone do the higher-reaching work makes our roof inspections safer, easier, faster and more affordable.

Let a drone take care of your next roof inspection

If your roof is high or hard to navigate, let Mr Drone and the professional plumbing team at Plan B Plumbing take care of your next roof inspection.

Working with a drone will make the inspection process safer and easier for our team while saving you time and money in the process.