Reasons To Hire a Licensed Plumber For Repairs

Plumbing emergencies

Plumbing emergencies can strike at any time and can be a costly, time consuming and stressful experience. Sometimes even small plumbing repairs can create a major inconvenience, so it’s natural to want to rectify the issue for the cheapest price or even attempting to fix it yourself. The issue with DIY plumbing, however, is that by neglecting to utilise the skills and expertise of a plumber, you could end up causing further damage and costing yourself more in the long run.

Undetected leaks

An underground leak detection, for example, is a procedure that only plumber with the correct knowledge and equipment can undertake thoroughly to make sure an investigation leads to a solution. If a leak goes undetected for too long because a plumber was not engaged, the problem can become enormous. Without the sufficient expertise, an underground leak can cause masses of leak damage not only to your property, but potentially your neighbours’ properties, too, and it can also cost you money if there is an increase in your water bill. However, when you hire a plumber who is equipped with an underground leak detector and expert plumber knowledge in underground leak detection such as Plan B Plumbing, we can assess the area and locate the leak as quickly as possible to rectify the issue and prevent any further problems.

In Victoria, plumbers must be registered and/or licensed to carry out plumbing works. You may think you can undertake a quick plumbing repair by yourself at home, but the practical and theoretical knowledge plumbers have gained through their education, training and hands-on experience is invaluable and should not be underestimated.

What may seem to you like a small plumbing issue could actually be far greater than you realise, attempting to fix the plumbing issue by yourself may cause you much bigger issues down the road. By hiring a licensed plumber you will be provided with a high level of service and specialised knowledge to ensure the problem is fixed right the first time.

Get in touch with Plan B

When you are looking for a local plumber in Oakleigh, take the safest option and ensure you hire a plumber like Plan B Plumbing. We are Licensed Plumbers who possess the specialist plumbing knowledge required to be able to provide the most appropriate plumbing solutions that will leave you with a long-lasting and cost-effective answer to your needs.


Leak Detection: What You Need To Know

Water Leak Detection

Did you know?

  • A leaking tap can waste up to 10,000 litres of water a year.
  • A constant trickle of water into the toilet bowl wastes around 9,000 litres a year.

If you suspect you have a leak and want to make sure, Plan B Plumbing has the latest technology and state of the art equipment to help you get to the bottom of it. Even the smallest of leaks can be detected. Plan B Plumbing Solutions have earned the reputation of being the best leak detection experts in Melbourne. We have a range of specialist equipment like thermal imaging technology, acoustic pipe location, tracer gas, and the Mini Snooper. If there is a leak, we’ll find it.

Leak detection can be a tricky task to do on your own. At a general level, you should look in the kitchen, laundry or bathrooms for dripping taps or leaking washing machines and dishwasher connections. Damp patches on the wall may also indicate a leak. You should regularly test your garden irrigation system for leaks, too. Irrigation systems can often use the most water in a household and leaks in these systems can be very costly.

CCTV Drain Inspection 

Have you noticed cracks in your walls, or movement in the paths around your home? If you answered “yes”, then there may be an issue with your underground sewer or stormwater services. Plan B Plumbing Solutions offer full-colour drain camera CCTV inspections. Using a state of the art CCTV push camera system technology, we can locate blockages or structural defects within your stormwater and sewer drains. The drain camera allows for accurate diagnosis of your stormwater and sewer drains by locating cracks, breaks, tree root entry and other potential problems that can cost you significant money if left unattended. Plan B Plumbing is not just skilled at detecting any drainage issues, we are highly qualified and experienced with repairing them. Licensed and able to assess any drainage and sewerage systems, you don’t want to trust anybody else.

Roof Inspection

Plan B Plumbing Solutions specialises in assessing and reporting on roof leaks across all of Melbourne. Our qualified roof plumbers will assess your entire roof for defects and advise you on the outcome. There may be cracked tiles, blocked gutters, deteriorated silicon or mortar, issues with solar matting or solar panels, issues with your air conditioning units, and more. Plan B Plumbing will also tell you if your roof has been built to Australian Standards, ensuring your builders are kept honest. Some roofs may become difficult to reach with traditional methods due to their height or pitch, and, therefore, Plan B also offer roof inspections with the use of drone technology. With the use of our high-flying drones, our team can easily access, assess and diagnose your roofing problems safely and effectively. For any defects that are found affecting your roofing system, we will service all repairs from small inconsistencies to large full sheet replacements.

Plan B Plumbing Solutions

When it comes to plumbers, finding one you can really trust can be a stressful task. Based in South East Melbourne, Plan B Plumbing Solutions are well known and trusted, already having made a name for themselves as an industry leader in the plumbing sector.

Offering a range of services, and a zero-dollar call out fee and free quotes, Plan B Plumbing Solutions are committed to getting the job done right. That’s why Plan B Plumbing Solutions should be your plan A when it comes to your plumbing needs. We provide all clients with a comprehensive written report outlining the defects found and the repair strategies required to ensure the leaks are stopped.

Why You Need Regular Roof Inspections

Roof Inspections

At Plan B Plumbing Solutions, we offer a number of plumbing services, from infrared water leak detection, CCTV drain inspection, thermal imaging, and more.  One area we specialise in is residential and commercial roof inspections across Melbourne. We conduct comprehensive roof inspections across Melbourne and service all repairs from small roof defects to large full sheet replacements.

Our qualified team of roof plumbers will assess the condition of the roof and provide you with a comprehensive written report that highlights any defects found. It will also outline the repair strategies required to ensure that the leaks are stopped.

In addition to our standard roof inspections, we also offer roof inspections with the use of drone technology. With the use of our high-flying drones, our team can easily access, assess and diagnose your roofing problems safely and effectively. Our state of the art drones makes roof inspections for properties above three stories or with a steep pitch easier, safer, faster and less costly. The drone can access almost any part of the building, and collect useful information using high-quality image and video. The drone transmits the data instantly to the inspection team on the ground or through the Cloud, allowing us to analyse the data and generate reports without putting anyone at risk.


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Why Do You Need A Roof Inspection?

If you notice water damage within your home on the ceilings, around the cornices or dampness on the walls, skirting boards or carpet, a thorough roof inspection is required to ascertain the extent of any roof damage. A comprehensive roof inspection will include an interior and exterior evaluation of the roof’s structure. This includes assessing the roofs guttering systems and giving you advice on whether your roof has adequate drainage and meets Australian Standards. Our roof plumber will also examine the interior of the house including the ceilings and walls for any dampness or water leaks, as well as any roof and attic spaces for any internal evidence of wind, water or hail damage.

Thermal imaging and moisture meter readings form part of our standard testing procedure when assessing the interior of your home for any water damage. Most people assume their roof is well made and properly installed; but in reality, roofs are quite vulnerable as they are exposed to all the harsh elements of Melbourne’s unpredictable weather. It is also prudent to have your roof analysed and inspected, especially after heavy rain or violent storms. If you do notice any internal water damage, it is critical that you have an experienced Melbourne roof plumber carry out a roof inspection as soon as possible to prevent ongoing water damage to the interior ceiling or walls. Not doing so can result in more costly repairs in the long term.

A roof that is flawed in any manner has the potential to put you and your loved ones at risk. Furthermore, severe roof damage can result in costly repairs or even a full roof replacement that decimates your finances. The solution is to be proactive with regular professional roof inspections with Plan B Plumbing Solutions.

Plan B Gives People Knowledge About Roof Inspections

A bit about us: Plan B Plumbing Solutions was co-founded by Anthony & Emily Hunter in 2014. Anthony is a Licensed Master Plumber with over twenty-three years of experience in the plumbing industry. Emily has more than twenty-five years’ experience in administration, marketing and customer service. We understand the importance of superior customer service and quality workmanship at all times. Our team consists of four full-time plumbers, an apprentice and two full-time administration staff in the office which means there is always someone available take your queries and answer any concerns you may have regarding your plumbing needs.

At Plan B Plumbing Solutions, we aim to educate our customers to fully understand their roof structure, its condition, and any immediate or potential problem areas – and locate exactly where any damage may have occurred. When it comes to roof inspections, unfortunately not many homeowners put it on their priority list. We often take roofs for granted, until there’s a leak of course.

Typically, tiled roofs last for 30 years. That life span can be cut short drastically if early water damage signs aren’t noticed early enough or are ignored. Your roof is the first line of defence for your home, protecting your home from weather damage. Sun, wind, rain, hail, lichen, trees and so on will lead to roof deterioration over time. Quality of materials and installation is an important factor as well.

Regular roof inspections will ensure that the roof is taken care of properly and early damage is dealt with swiftly, allowing you to repair small problems now rather than having to replace a neglected roof entirely later. We often suggest to our customers to have their roofs inspected twice annually and Plan B Plumbing Solutions is a leader in the industry for roof inspections. When choosing an experienced and qualified roofing plumbing company in Melbourne – with great customer reviews – think Plan B Plumbing Solutions; you won’t be disappointed.


Why Plan B Plumbing Solutions Uses Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is not exactly new technology, but the way we have evolved to use this technology to help us has changed in past years. More specifically, thermal imaging has grown in the tradie world, finding its way into the hands of plumbers.

Plan B Plumbing Solutions is one of these plumbing businesses utilising thermal imaging to help track leaks and assist them in doing their job more effectively and efficiently. But why are they using thermal imaging? And how does thermal imaging even work? Is it safe? All those questions and more are answered as we take you through why thermal imaging is a great tool for plumbers, and how Plan B Plumbing Solutions are using it for effective results.

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What Is Thermal Imaging

If you’re not familiar with the term, thermal imaging is the use and method of using equipment that uses heat and thermal sensory and infrared to show images of objects through their temperature. It is especially helpful in low visibility areas, like the harder to reach and view areas of your home. Thermal imaging allows the user to locate problems and track issues that may not be visible to the naked eye, or issues that may be hidden.

How Plumbers Use It in Leak Detection

Think about all the pipes and intricate plumbing around your house right now. Everything works together in a way, all the pipes joined where they are supposed to, all the water going where it should. That’s what usually happens, at least. But what happens when a leak is sprung somewhere that you can’t see, or something is not going quite right? You call a plumber. The plumber’s first job then is to track down the problem. Of course, you probably don’t want him ripping out dry wall or digging a hole in your bathroom to try and find what is only a suspected problem. This is when thermal imaging comes in handy for plumbers, as they use thermal imaging to identify leaks and problems within the plumbing, without having to destroy your house in the process. Thermal imaging is the solution to a problem plumbers have long had, and the technology helps them make their work more effective, which as a customer you want! Plumbers also use it to save time and money. Ripping apart walls and taking down buildings to see a pipe or check out a leak is going to take a lot longer and cost a lot more money than a simple camera or live device seeing what is going on behind your walls.

What You Need To Know

If you’re wondering if it’s safe, you can rest assured that it is completely safe. Thermal imaging uses no radiation, and doesn’t emit any type of harmful rays that could affect you or anyone living where a thermal imaging equipment has been used.

Thermal imaging equipment is also very accurate. The temperature gauge usually allows a difference of 2 each way up and down the scale, but it is usually very accurate of the surface temperature. Thermal imaging can’t see through glass at this stage, as glass is reflective. However, there isn’t much else thermal imaging can’t do, which is why it is such a versatile and handy tool for plumbers.

If you need a plumber to detect a leak or use infrared technology to help spot a plumbing problem in your home, Plan B Plumbing Solutions provides Leak Detection service –  a fast and accurate service to those in Melbourne. Contact them today to find out how they can assist you in your plumbing problem.

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Introducing our newest Plan B Plumbing Solutions team member “Mr Drone”.

This fast but little guy will make Roof Inspections for properties above three stories easier, safer, faster and less costly.

Mr Drone can access almost any part of the building, and collect more useful information by using high-quality image and video.

Mr Drone transmits the data to the inspection team on the ground or through the Cloud – which allows us to analyze the data and generate reports faster without putting anyone at risk.

Stay tuned for updates on Mr Drone and his adventures with Plan B.

If you would like us to conduct your next Roof Inspection with the help of Mr Drone contact us today on 1300 075 262.

Our roof plumber will also examine the interior of the house including the ceilings and walls for any dampness or water leaks, as well as any roof and attic spaces for any internal evidence of wind, water or hail damage.

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Plan B Plumbing Solutions offer leak detection services, roof inspections, CCTV drain inspections, carbon monoxide testing, damage assessment reporting, plumbing repairs and more throughout South Oakleigh, Oakleigh, Oakleigh East, Chadstone, East Malvern, Glen Iris, Bentleigh and South Eastern Suburbs.