Our COVID-19 Best Practices

Our COVID-19 Response

Avoiding contact with the general public is not completely possible in our line of work. As we are unable to control or ascertain the containment measures of the general public, we have put our own in place to limit the chances of COVID-19 from spreading.

Our protective measures

After extensive consideration, the following level of protection has been deemed appropriate for all of the plumbers at Plan B Plumbing.


We wear disposable gloves (i.e. nitrile gloves) which are put on prior to any contact with the insured or their property.


We wear a half-face respirator, with a P2 canister or P2 paper mask. We put these on upon our arrival on-site and prior to contact with the insured or their property.

Eye protection:

We wear clear safety glasses that offer an adequate level of protection in addition to our half-face respirators.

No handshaking

As much as we would love to, we ensure proper social distancing measures at all times, which involves refraining from handshakes.

Maintain physical distancing of 1.5m

This includes maintaining a safe physical distance of 1.5m from each other as well as others on our site.


COVID-19 safety training

In addition to this, we have also completed specific Infection Control Training on COVID-19.

Don’t risk using a plumber that isn’t taking the above precautions.

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