Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

What do I need to know about keeping my drains clean and clear?

Blocked drains are a common occurrence in homes and businesses throughout the Melbourne area, and can be incredibly frustrating. As well as frustration for their owners, blocked drains can also cause some serious property damage.

When your drains get blocked, the result is pooling water that can cause damage to floors, walls, ceilings and furnishings to name a few. You may even notice an unpleasant smell and left unchecked for a long period, mould. This mould can be difficult to remove and pose a health risk to you and your family.

What causes blocked drains?

There are a number of causes of blocked drains, however, the common symptom is a drain that stops water from flowing through smoothly. We’ve outlined a few of them below:

  • Tree Roots

Tree roots are incredibly powerful and many people don’t realise they can spread out as far as the tree branches do, and sometimes even further ! If there are large trees near your property, we can guarantee you they’ll have large roots that have the ability to puncture pipes and cause a blockage.

When planting trees on your property, it is vital to take into consideration the layout of your pipes. If you do run into trouble, our qualified team at Plan B Plumbing can help.

  • Leaves & Debris

We know that cleaning out leaves and debris from your drains is an annoying task, but left uncleaned, your gutters and stormwater drains can cause problems. If you notice your gutters are blocking up and you can’t get in and fix them, Plan B Plumbing can!

  • Foreign Objects

Whether accidental or not, foreign objects will most likely at some point end up in your drains. Things like debris, big sticks and jewellery are actually most common! We understand that these are sometimes unavoidable and are here to help in these cases!

What do I do if I have drains that need cleaning?

If you suspect you need drain cleaning, Plan B Plumbing Solutions is here to help. Plan B Plumbing can clear the drain with a jetting machine or sewer snake for effective and quick cleaning! Once the drains are clean, the team at Plan B can inspect the drains with their CCTV drain camera and let you know if any pre exisiting damages to the drains are present.

If your stormwater drain, outdoor gutter or other drains are in need of a clean, it is important that you act quickly. A blocked drain means that the water has no way of departing your plumbing system and this can result in water, sewage and other debris backing up through your drains and into your home, and we want to avoid this happening as it can impact your health as well as your home.

When it comes to plumbers, finding one you can really trust can be a stressful task. Based in Oakleigh and servicing South Oakleigh, Chadstone, East Malvern, Glen Iris and surrounding suburbs, Plan B Plumbing Solutions are well known and trusted, already having made a name for themselves as an industry leader. Read the reviews and see for yourself.

Call Plan B Plumbing to help on 1300 075 262 and a licensed, experienced plumber will be on the way.

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